2015 Best Consulting Physician at Suburban Hospital – Stephen Greco, M.D.

2015 Best Consulting Physician at Suburban Hospital – Stephen Greco, M.D.

>>My willingness to work
as a team with the other referring physicans. We always care for patients
with other physicians involved, and you have to be able to bring about what your vision is for
the patient in confines with the other physicians’ plans as well. And taking time with the patient. You cannot successfully
implement your care if the patient doesn’t trust you, and that trust has to be
established through a relationship that’s founded on spending
time and listening to the problems of the patient. To be successful, I think
that one has to be willing to put an earnest effort in first establishing a good relationship with the patient, taking the time to consider
what your recommendations are, and frame them in a way
that is both constructive and informative to the
physicians that are referring the patients to you. Always listen and learn from
the other physicians involved in the patient’s care. Just take a step back,
and maybe read more about that patient and their opinion, but, you know, confine yourself
to offering your opinions within your specialty, and learn from their opinions
within their specialty.

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  1. mujikins says:

    Dr. Greco practices what he preaches. Even though my husband passed away, Dr. Greco was a excellent doctor and very knowledgeable in his field. He always took time with us and was very kind.

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