10 Things You Should Never Do When Visiting Someone in the Hospital

10 Things You Should Never Do When Visiting Someone in the Hospital

We all hate hospitals. There may be a horde of reasons for this. But you can’t help it when you have a sick
kin. It is heartening to pay them a visit. It certainly makes them feel better. However there are certain things you should
bear in mind while paying a visit to the ailing ones in the hospital. Mind you these things are important in such
situations. In fact, it helps them in their recovery and
you are there to help them feel better and not add additional stress. Number 10. Never Disapprove Of The Doctor Or Treatment
Now this may sound a bit difficult. Never raise your doubts on the line of treatment
or the doctor, when you are with the patient. Never talk ill about the capability of the
doctor. As far as the treatment is considered, just
don’t poke your nose unnecessarily. Don’t expect the medicines to work at once. They take time to act and you need to be patient. Moreover, if the doctor somehow comes to know
about your demeanor, he or she may ask you to leave. Worst, they could even stop giving the necessary
treatment. Why mess around? Number 9. Do not sit on the patient’s bed
This is one of the things you should bear in mind at all time. As exhausted as you may be, you should NEVER…EVER
sit on the patient’s bed. That’s strictly off limits. This is the reason why you will find little
or no seats in wards. Visitors shouldn’t get too comfortable in
the hospital. It causes inconvenience for the patient who
has a schedule. It is also a hindrance for the hospital staff
that has to face unnecessary roadblocks while visiting the patient. Moreover, if you sit on a patient’s beddings
with your dirty clothes, which have a lot of micro-organisms from outside, then it could
lead to infections. Number 8. You Should NEVER Eat The Patient’s Food
Though people rarely indulge in these things, but it does happen. The world is full of gluttons, they wouldn’t
stop at anything. These gluttons even develop a liking for hospice
meals, which are usually bland. There are even those critters that have a
habit of sampling everything around them. They eat a portion and leave the rest. The patient here might try to be a gracious
host, but you are not at somebody’s home or attending a party. This is a hospital and you are visiting a
person who is ailing at the moment. So, never ever do that! It is rude and demeaning if you exhibit such
behavior. This is bad etiquette on your part. This food has been specifically prepared for
the patient’s nourishment. So, it is better you don’t dig in to the
patient’s meals. Number 7. Don’t Help The Patient Get Out Of Bed
If the patient means anything to you, you should never try to help! Don’t even think of doing it! Yes, this may sound rude but it is the work
and duty of the nurse to do this. Anyone other than the nurse could mess it
all up. There are two reasons behind this. One, she has been trained in this for years. She clearly knows how to attend to the situation. Secondly, if anything goes wrong, then she
knows what to do next. Even if the patient requests you, just call
the nurse to assist the patient get out of bed. Number 6. Do Not Discuss Any Controversial Or Sensational
Topics Whenever you visit a patient, do not start
discussing about hot, sensational and controversial topics. Issues that raise the blood pressure or could
result in flaring up of tempers of the patient are strictly no-no. An infirmary is not the right place to do
so. That’s because the patient is simply not
in the position to respond in a healthy way. It could cause a cardiac arrest or a stroke. That would create addition problems. So, try to avoid giving any additional stress
to the patient. One more suggestion, just don’t discuss
medical horror stories when the patient is an earshot away. Number 5. Do Not Make Noise
This is one of the primary regulations to bear in mind if you are visiting a patient
in the hospital. It is also a part of the hospital policy. So turn down your volumes and try to hush
up. It’s good to observe silence, because there
are hundreds of patients in an institution, and they need to relax! Avoid laughing loudly. No altercations. And yes, if you can, don’t bring the wailing
babies to the hospitals. Number 4. Do Not Smoke Or Drink
If you feel like having a smoke or booze, then hospital is the last place on earth to
do that. It is pure common sense. Cigarette smoke is not healthy at all. It does not affect the one who’s smoking,
but causes nuisance to the ones nearby. Moreover, there are patients who might nauseate
at the smell of a cigarette. Boozing is equally harmful, because you might
not be in a position to control your actions after you have a drink. There are a thousand ways you could get screwed
after you get drunk. So, if you have these things in your mind,
better skip the visit to the hospital. There are more chances that you will be kicked
out of the institution for endangering the patient’s health. Number 3. Do Not Overstay
Nobody likes a visitor who delays his stay by any means possible. Even if you are seriously concerned, it’s
better if you do not extend your stay. If you prolong it, then you are simply creating
inconvenience to the patient. When one is ill, one needs to relax. And you are hindering him or her from doing
so. It can be extremely annoying when you want
to leave or go to bed but a visitor won’t leave! So, don’t lengthen your visits. Give the doctor enough time to monitor and
observe the patient without any disturbance. Number 2. Don’t Hit Upon The Hospital Staff
If you do not want to look like a fool, then avoid falling in love with the hospital’s
staff. There is a big chance that you might find
a nurse or doctor hot, but this is not Grey’s Anatomy or ER. So just forget it. Love is off borders. If you want a good reason, then here is one. If you do not want to spend a night in prison,
then you should consider taking this suggestion for your own well-being. Love is beyond logic, so don’t let it get
the better of you, especially, if the patient is a kin. However, if you still want to persist, then
it would be better to take things off-campus. Number 1. Do not bring fruits or flowers
Plants, fruits or flowers should never be brought in the hospital. Leading hospitals consider this as a part
of the hospital policy. If this sounds a tad insensitive, then here
is the reason. All these things contain pathogens, or disease
causing germs. So better avoid these objects. If you want to show some care and affection,
then home would be a better place for it. So, are there any points to be kept in mind
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