【Metal Slug Attack】Laboratory : Vampire

【Metal Slug Attack】Laboratory : Vampire

🛡METAL SLUG ATTACK🛡 *Laboratory : Vampire* Space Army (Martian) Aswang : Bat, Bat, Bat! Incognito Aswang : Sucking blood~~~ Incognito Aswang : Go! *Percier Defeated* Percier : Take This Crap! Percier: Oww….. Bonny : I’m Not Done Yet! Bonny : Dan! Next Army! Next Army! *Bonny Defeated* Next Army! Ptolemaic Army Incognito Aswang : Sucking Blood~~~~~ Incognito Aswang : Damn it! Incognito Aswang : Sucking Blood~~~~~ Incognito Aswang : KISS 👿 Incognito Aswang : Dang it! Aswang : PEEKABOO~~~ *Incognito Aswang Defeated* Mira : *From the future, to the past* *Mira Defeated* Agalia : Ahh…… That Hurt…. Agalia : Here Comes Big Ball!!! Agalia : Sucking blood~ Next Stage and Next Army! 👿 AGALIA 👿 Rebel Army Incognito Aswang : Sucking Blood~~~~~~ Incognito Aswang : Go! Incognito Aswang : Suck You Battery! (Aswang Gonna Die XD) Incognito Aswang : My Tongue, My Tongue…. Aswang : Sucking Blood~~~~~~~~~~~~ Incognito Aswang : KISS 👿 *Incognito Aswang Defeated* My Blood……. Agalia : Sucking Blood~~~~ Incognito Agalia : Big Ball! Nooo!!!!!!!! Aswang : Dang, So Close…. Agalia : Let’s GO! Aswang : we gonna make it! Vatn : Revenge. Let’s Move on to the Next Stage and next army! *Gameboy Sound Effect* Regular Army Already???!!! Incognito Aswang : Sucking Blood~~~ Incognito Aswang : Oww! *Alice Defeated* Good-Bye, Commander…. (Crying) COMPLETE! Aswang : Bye-bye! Second Try (Stage : Train) Incognito Aswang : KISS 👿 Aswang : Sucking Blood~~~~~~~~~~ Aswang : Take This! Aswang : Why…… I Die……. Agalia : REVENGE! Vatn : Destroy. A lot of Alice XD Incognito Aswang : Ahhh………. Aswang : a lot of Tank….. I Defeated……. COMPLETE! Thanks For Watching!

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    Están muy op xD

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