【Metal Slug Attack】Laboratory : Nantes

【Metal Slug Attack】Laboratory : Nantes

🛡METAL SLUG ATTACK🛡 Menu~~~ Laboratory Let’s See Nantes Skill and level! Ok, Let’s Practice! Rebel Army Release the Navy! Navy : Dan! Is Healing…. Alesha! *Spin, Spin, Spin* *Alesha Down* Nantes : Fire! *Regular Army vs Rebel Army* Nantes : Fire! Next Army : Ptolemaic Army Ptolemaic Army Release the Conny! Matilda! *Conny (Special Attack) : 80tM107* *Matilda Jump* *Rocket launcher* Conny : Not Today, idiot! Cline! Cline : Growth! Cline : Yah! *Yoshino Defeated* Next Stage! Next Stage! *Matilda Defeated* Next Stage! Next Stage! *Conny Defeated*?! *Dragunov Defeated* 🎵Yi Ji Bang🎵 That Was Easy. That Was Easy. 🎵Yi Ji Bang🎵 Second Try Ptolemaic Army (Stage : Beach) Song : Yamarakasensha (Soft Tank) Nantes is Coming! KA-BOOM! Nantes : Fire! Big ROCKET! Let’s Go! Conny : 80tM107, Release! Nantes : wah, wah, wah, wah, wah, wah! ⚔World War⚔ COMPLETE! Next Stage! Space Army (Martian) Gemini Black! ⚔Cline vs Gemini Black⚔ Cline : Bring it on! I’m Better with you! Gemini Black : Cut Saw!!! Cline : Useless Special Attack! Forward! Cline : That’s right, Fall back! Nantes : Nantes to the rescue! Nantes : Alright, Mission COMPLETE! *Next Stage* Second Try *Space Army (Martian) Again* (Stage : Old town???) Cline : Here we GO! Gemini White : Won’t Hit! Cline : Growth! Gemini Black : Dang it! Human! Cline : Yah! Conny : we are under attack! Kriemhild : Come on! WE CAN DO IT! Ok, Let’s move on to the Next Stage and next army! Ok, Let’s move on to the Next Stage and next army! *Bonny Defeated* Ok, Let’s move on to the Next Stage and next army! *Bonny DEAD* *Independent Army* (Stage : Train???) WHAT IN THE WORLD??!! Defeated XD Licht! *Licht Defeated* *Jin Defeated* COMPLETE! *Aswang Defeated* COMPLETE! COMPLETE! *Agalia Defeated* COMPLETE! Second Try Let’s play Again, Rebel vs Independent. *Licht Defeated* *Jin Defeated* *Aswang Defeated* *Agalia Defeated* *Allen O’ Neil Defeated* *Conny Defeated* *Agalia Defeated* *Cline Down* *Elena Defeated* COMPLETE! Thanks For Watching!

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